Dual Perspective Theory

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Introduction: For this paper I chose Empowerment theory for my micro and Dual Perspective for my macro. The reason I chose these two theses two theories is because I see how these two theories play into children lives everyday. I am a BHP and my job is to give not only children but parents the skills and tools to be able to function day to day in society and in their worlds. By giving people skills you are empowering them to be able to overcome and succeed, they are growing and transforming with the use of those skills and tools and are working toward more successful and productive lives. Theses parents and children are gaining all possible resources to empower themselves and make their lives better. I chose Dual Perspective theory because some of the children I have worked with have come from different backgrounds then myself, some of them have been abused and neglected, others abandoned and moved from foster home to foster home before finding a forever home. These children weren't brought up in a “good” environment, they weren't shown love and compassion like many others were.…show more content…
People can gain power in all sorts of different ways, that could be money, education, reconnecting with family. There are many different ways a person can gain personal power it all depends on their situations. In the context of this theory power doesn't necessarily mean over other people, power in this instance refers to personal power and having the resources and ability to better ones life.(TEXTBOOK) People empower themselves in many different ways and for many different reasons. In the case of Carla she used her education to empower her. She made her life better by doing well in school and by learning a third language. With learning these languages she was able to effectively communicate with others that she may not have been able to

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