Dual Relationships In Psychology

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There are different forms of relationships formed in the field of psychology between psychologists and clients. In the modern day, dual relationship and multiple relationship have become a crucial topic due to their usefulness in solving a client 's problem. During my research on the topic, I discovered a few posts that explained the differences between dual relationships and multiple relationships with the main term being the intent. This paper will establish the differences between the two forms of relationships, examples in each relationship, and any forms of violations according to APA code of ethics. In this section, I will discuss dual relationship in psychology with an example in a life situation. A dual relationship is a situation whereby…show more content…
The second part focuses on multiple role relationship. Just like a dual relationship, multiple role relationship happens when a professional psychologist is in a professional commitment with an individual and enters in more than two roles that overlap each other (Zur, 2015). This form of relationship is unintentional but should be avoided in case of their existence. An example of a scenario showing multiple relationship was when John Smith, a therapist, was a close friend of Jim. Jim used to share his life problems with Dr John including his marriage life to Stella. As their friendship continued, Jim found it wise to ask Stella to seek to counsel as a way of solving their problems. Jim asked Dr John for recommendations for a therapist that would help Stella. Dr John informed Jim that he would help with her situation since getting a good therapist would not be easy. In this case, the Dr John has the roles of a therapist and friend to the…show more content…
According to the ethics code, it is clear that all sexual roles in psychology are unethical and should be avoided (APA, 2002). The promise of Dr Andrea to have a relationship upon completion of treatment is above the code of ethics (APA, 2002, 3.05). Regardless of the mutual interest between the therapist and the patient, there are other factors involving boundary crossing. When the doctor agreed to treat Bob, a professional line was drawn and establishing another relationship complicated the roles. The doctor failed to comply with the code of ethics because the possible establishment of a conflict of interest would affect the method of

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