Dualism And The Existence Of Mind And Body

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Existence of Mind and Body The presence of two conceptually contrasted things together is known as dualism. In nature, there are dualistic concepts in certain fields such as philosophy, theology, and science. For example, the good and evil conceptual dualistic nature existing in the universe for many years related to theology. Also human and nature is another example for duality that is still in the battle even though the modern technology touches the sky. Similarly the two things called mind and body are distinguished into two different substances. Both are entirely different from each and functioning paradoxically. The structural and functional characteristic difference between mind and body and support by the Hinduism asserts the existence of mind and body differently. Basically the structural existence of mind and body is entirely different. Body is composed of cells, skeletons, muscles and blood vessels, thus, it has its own physical shape that can be touched. Contradictorily, mind is a mental constituent of the nature, which is shapeless and non-touchable. It is capable of thought, imagination, understanding and conscience. In this point some may argue that the function of the brain is similar to the function of mind such as thinking, understanding, differentiating. Great philosopher and mathematician Dene Descartes answered to this. In reality, when there is damage externally or internally of the body, the feel of pain is only for the part that is damaged. Not for

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