Jehle And Kim's Argumentative Analysis

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There are two theories given regarding the self and the body by different scholars, in this case, we have Jehle, Lowe and Kim who have different views regarding the body and the soul. Jehle and Lowe share similar point of view by suggesting that there is a higher probability for the body and soul to interact but on the other hand, Kim is against the idea that there is a relationship between the self and the body. They both further explain their argument by suggesting different views that may imply both the soul and the body casually interact or there is no interaction between the soul and the body. In addition, Lowe investigates deeper and uses Non-Cartesian substance dualism (NCSD) to prove that there is a possibility for the self and the body to interact at some point. Jehle is of the same opinion but gives a different version while explaining the relationship between the two; furthermore, he deconstructs Kim's argument which suggests that the two cannot have a relationship. The main argument which is supported by two scholars that is Lowe and Jehle, that the soul…show more content…
The three scholars give their view regarding the existence of a relationship between the body and soul. Jehle and Lowe have similar opinions on this argument, although their explanations differs. On the other hand, Kim has a different opinion, he suggests that the difference in characteristics makes it impossible to have the body and the soul pairing to form a single body unit. I believeF the view that the body and the soul interact in order to ensure the holistic existence of a human being since a disembodiment makes the functioning to cease. Furthermore, the ceasing of functionality as a result of separation makes the existence of a human insignificant as the body remains lifeless and a mystery as to where the soul

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