Dualism In Brave New World

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The next couple chapters give insight on the Savage Reservation and John and Linda. The two of them symbolize the reality that this world is not as perfect as they want it to be, and not everything goes as perfect as the New World claims that they are. Linda was a member of the New World, but stayed in the Savage Reservation because of the embarrassment of getting pregnant. She became a fat, crazy drunk because that was the only way she could remove herself from her situation of live in this new, barbaric society. Also, John was born in the barbaric society but he doesn’t belong there, but he is also viewed as an outcast in the Brave New World society because of his unnatural, natural birth. Here he is judged for his mother 's indiscretions and so he is not allowed to do anything the other boys in the reservation do.…show more content…
The Savage Reservation is the complete opposite of the controlled and mechanical society of the New World. Every aspect of each society contradicts that of the other. The Savage Reservation is a dystopia for the indians, but is also a home to those who don 't fit in any society, such as John and Linda. The people of the Savage Reservation believe in marriage and family, which is similar to those of our society and contrasts that of the New World. Unlike the people of the New World, babies aren’t born in test tubes, which is one of the reasons why linda moved there. All of their actions and traditions are viewed oppositely by New World society and so everyone born in the Savage Reservation can never leave. That is the New World’s way of keeping the so called savages contained. The Savage Reservation has a religion that resembles both Christianity and some aspects of Indian-like
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