Dualism In Religion

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The world encompasses a multitude of religions that focuses on different forms of worship such as, monotheistic, polytheistic, pantheistic, monistic, and so on. However, the most widespread method is monotheistic; the most popular sects fall under Christianity, Catholicism, Judaic, or Islamic faiths; within each of these religions there is dualism, which is essential to the faith. The dualism is that human a body and soul, and the body is connected to the soul and vice versa. Yet, the soul is considered to be more important, since it is the substance that leaves to be with God in the next world, while the body is seen to be a vessel that carries original sin as well as all the impurities of the physical world. For my paper, I’ll be analyzing dualism in the Baha’i religion and its application to the world. According to “” the soul is “entirely out of the order of the physical creation,” which there is no exact explanation to where it comes from. The soul is not made of matter, it’s completely immaterial and is the part of us that makes us higher in spirituality than God’s…show more content…
Furthermore, the mind is believed to have been given to us by God in order to reach the truth; even Abdu’l-Baha, the successor of the Baha’i faith, states that “God has given us rational minds for this purpose, to penetrate all things, to find truth. If one renounce reason, what remains? The sacred texts? How can we understand God’s commands and to what use can we put them without the balance of reason?” Explaining that it would not be possible for them to gain access to everything without the usage of reason and that we would not be able to properly use God’s teachings without reason. The Baha’i resemble those who follow monism, accepting science and reason, though the difference is that the Baha’i see science as being given to by God and not a part of God, as in
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