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The term ‘dualism’ has a variety of uses if we see the previous literature. In common sense, the notion is that, for any particular area of interest, there are two commonly different classes of things. In theory, for example a ‘dualist’ is one who believes that Good and Evil-or God and the Devil-are independent and more or less equal forces in the world. Dualism compare with monism, which is the theory that there is only one significant type, category of thing and rather less commonly, with pluralism, which is commonly referred to as many categories. In the philosophy of mind, dualism is the theory that the mind and body are, in some sense, totally different types of thing. Because common thinking tells us that there are physical bodies, and because there is intellectual…show more content…
The one of common categories enlighted upon for these purposes are substance and property, referring one substance dualism and other property dualism. There is, however, an important third category, called as predicate dualism. Predicate Dualism: Predicate dualism is about the theory that psychological predicates are: (a) Important for a complete identification of the real world, and (b) are not defined further to physicalistic predicates. The mental predicate to be defined in sub categories, there would be some laws which connect different psychological states to physical states carried no information will not bring any information of mental predicate whenever used which could be defined in presence of it. An example of what we believe to be a true type redefined outside psychology if we consider the mere only of water, where we know that water is H2O: something is water if and only if it is H2O. If we had replaced the word ‘water’ by ‘H2O’, it is justifiable to tell that he could be able to approach same information. But the terms in other sciences are not redefinable in this way. Not every cyclone or every viral disease has the same

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