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The area that is now home to the City of Duarte was originally inhabited by the Gabrielino Indians. In 1841, 7,000 acres of land was granted to former Mexican Corporal Andres Duarte. Throughout the late 1800s, a growing number of settlers came to the land. Much of Andres Duarte’s land was sold off in 40-acre plots to cover his debts, giving new families the opportunity to build homes here. By 1957, the community was ready to fight for incorporation, and on August 22 of that year, the City of Duarte and Duarte Unified School District were formed. Image via Flickr by shalf The oldest building in Duarte is the 1909 school house that now serves as the popular Old Spaghetti Factory Restaurant. Today’s Duarte is also home to a major cancer research center and a nationally recognized hospital. Hiking and biking trails give residents a chance to enjoy the scenic beauty of this California city. Duarte has a population of…show more content…
Overall, living in Duarte is four percent cheaper than the state average, though it’s 32 percent higher than the national average. Groceries, goods and services, transportation, housing, and utilities are all cheaper than the state average [2]. With Pasadena about 15 minutes away and Los Angeles around half-an-hour from the city, Duarte is an ideal choice for residents who want access to big city amenities while maintaining more of a small-town feel. The above-average commute of 28 minutes for Duarte residents suggests that many head toward these larger cities for work [3]. Resources: http://www.areavibes.com/duarte-ca/cost-of-living/ http://www.bestplaces.net/city/california/duarte School District

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