Dubai Airport Case Study

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Airport Operations Management- AVIA 308
Semester: Fall
Name of assignment: Dubai international airport

Student name: Haitham Mohamed Al Abri
Student id: 2012-2973
Instructor name: Mr. Ajai

Dubai international airport is one of the biggest airports in the world. It serve the city which known (Dubai). The airport is a hub for major airline (Emirates airline and fly Dubai) , the airport is operated by Dubai airports company. The owner of the airport is the Government of Dubai. The emirates hub is the largest airline hub in the Middle East. The airport is also a hub for low cost carrier (Fly Dubai), also it became the second hub for Qantas airways in 2013. Dubai international airport has three terminal buildings and it can handle
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They had just one flight to Karachi who can believe that? The weird thing is they fly weekly not daily. The aircraft was rented from Imperial airways. Then in 1983 started to increase the flight to four flights in a week. In 1940 the British supported them to increase the flights so, they starts to fly to South Africa and Sydney. The runways
The airport has two big runways, the runway has expend for the airbus a380 and equipped with ILS (instrument landing system) by 2009 the airport has announced that they installed cat 3 landing system to the first airport who has the CAT 3 in the UAE. The runway is so important to the airport because if there is no runway that means there no flights. The more runway the more
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The government of the UAE has took decision that to upgrade the immigration system to prevents the serious criminals who might come to the airport. So what the airport has did is developed the all security machine because to prevent any serious case that may happened during the flight time and to make the travelers happy and safe. What the airport has done is a good job because if the place is safe that will make the passengers comfortable. That’s one ways that the airport can attract the travelers to its airport. Yes, it cost lot of money but it attracts the people to the airport. In 2005 the airport has provide passport scanning machine for nationals to pass by the immigration and reduce the traffic. There is also the security scanning machine for the luggage, all these technology to serve the passengers needs and prevent the airport from serious case. Plus, the security check is done by the police, in 2006 the security checks have been stopped up on passengers who have flight to United kingdom and the United states. By 2007 the dubai airport has launched a new type of airport screening machine which can find out the weapons and also can find the drugs in the blood. That was an amazing system for the airport security for real. The travelers can be jailed for four years or more if found any something that related to the drugs, so that made the message so clear to the travelers

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