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CASE STUDY – GLOBALIZATION: THE EXAMPLE OF DUBAI 1. Describe the geographical location of Dubai Based on Amanda Britney said Dubai is the largest emirate based on population of the United Arab Emirates. As of 2008, Dubai had a population of 2,262,000It is also the second largest emirate (behind Abu Dhabi) based on land area. In addition, Dubai is located on the Persian Gulf, in the northeast of the United Arab Emirates. Next, Dubai is the second largest emirate with an urban area of 3885 sq. km and the city is roughly 35 sq. km. However it will expand to twice that size with the addition of the man-made islands; the Waterfront, the three Palms, the World, the Universe, Dubailand, as well as the construction in the desert. After that, tourism…show more content…
How has tourism helped the economy of Dubai? Based on B Rajesh Kumar said tourism in Dubai has become a popular global leisure activity. In year 2010, there were over 940 million international tourist arrivals, with a growth of 6.6% as compared to 2009, international tourism receipts grew to US $19 billion in 2010, and corresponding to an increase in real terms of 4.7% Dubai has emerged as an important tourist destination in the global tourism map. Furthermore, the region has become an epicenter of attraction for business people, tourist and shoppers. Tourism can helped the economy of Dubai among as Dubai is real estate is one major of the industries in Dubai. Foe examples is the world’s fourth tallest and one the most expernsive hotels, the Burj al Arab, was built on an artificial island off the coast of Dubai in 199. Furthermore there luxury residential structures, including the tallest man-made structure the Burj Khalifa or Burj Dubai, are located throughout Dubai.this because Dubai a favorite place for…show more content…
This because the people are consuming more junk food from these joints which has an adverse impact their health. Based on Buzzle have said Apart from the health concerns, there is something else that globalization has stayed evaluated for, and it is the contention that it has opened floodgates for restaurants and eateries which are insensitive to the religious beliefs of the host nation. For example, a lawsuit had to be filed against McDonalds in India, after it was accused of serving beef in their

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