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THE GLITTERING GEM OF UAE A distinctive Arabian city with immense attractiveness and lush green stretches, unlike other Arabian states- Abu Dhabi is the shining ornament of UAE’s crown. Though it’s not as elegant as Dubai and also not a cosmopolitan, yet it is magical and there is some enchantment about this marvelous settlement that captures the attention of plenty of people from all the various parts of the world and compels them to take cheap flights to Abu Dhabi. It has the shortage of poseurs and also the traffic jams that have plagued Dubai; this ultimate fact makes it more alluring and lively city of UAE. Comprising more than eighty seven percent of the total area of Emirate, it’s the city with a unique charisma and some hidden appeal. It is speckled with oases, enigmatic empty desert and now featuring the excellent infrastructure, it has proved to be the most notable and striking destination of the Gulf. Abu Dhabi is very popular as the best-value tourist destination and serves to be the capital of UAE, leaving other emirates to one side. It is inspiringly nestled on a T-shaped island and touches the main western shore of the Persian Gulf. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the greatest and the most magnetic attraction of this beautiful city. It is regarded as the “ key of Worship” and is frequented by a large variety of locals as well as many other tourists who opt to spend their vacations in UAE. It is known to be the eighth largest mosque of this planet and the

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