Dubai Geographical Location

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1. Describe the geographical location of Dubai.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) is part of. The city has existed for nearly 1,000 years, but as part of the United Arab Emirates is very low in its modern history. Seven different Emirates Arab nation ruled by a wealthy was built in 1971 in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai or other ruler Sheikh as the United Kingdom, the region's colonial power, has since left the Persian Gulf joined together.
Dubai Emirate of Dubai's geographical location in the desert south of the city and surrounding area consist of a small detail. Dubai's area is 3885 square kilometers. (Great Toronto Area [GTA] - Toronto, Durham, York, Peel and Halton regions- 7125 square km.) Of coastline along the Persian Gulf, Dubai is located only 72 kilometers. Dubai's population was nearly a million in 2007, but is growing rapidly. The majority of the population is made up of immigrants (people to go to another country, to work).
Only 19 percent of Dubai's population was born in the United Arab Emirates, 23 percent are from Iran or the Arab countries, and 50 percent work in construction and infrastructure services, mostly in South Asia (most India and Pakistan). The remaining 8 percent of foreign workers in Europe, North America, or are from Asia. Most of these workers, in professional, managerial and technical fields.
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