Dubai Geography

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1. Describe the geographical location of Dubai.
Basically, Dubai geographical is highlighted by Dubai's location on the North-Eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Dubai is located on the Persian Gulf. Dubai also is the largest of all United Arab Emirates and it has the separation with Emirates form of one united country. Dubai also is second largest emirate with an urban area of 3885 square kilometres and the city is roughly 35 square kilometres. Then, it will expand to twice the size with their own man-made island which is the three Palms, the Waterfront, Dubailand, the Universe, as well as the construction in the desert. Creek is one of the most interesting aspects that exist in geographical Dubai and it is divided into two regions. North
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At present, there are some of the best infrastructures in the world and Dubai has invested a lot of money on the infrastructure. Then, it has also facilitated transport in and around the city because Dubai’s road, air and sea network is well developed. Besides that, Dubai also has a metro rail, air, waterways, and air transport sufficient to cover more than 5 million people population. Buildings and architectural features also has world-class quality because Dubai has the tallest building in the world. So, the infrastructure is important in attracting investment for their investors from different parts of the world. Dubai economic growth and development due to investment and even have oil, oil accounts for only 6% of Dubai’s sources of foreign exchange, which shows the benefits reaped from investment in infrastructure (Carter & Dunson…show more content…
We also know that the government will mobilize Dubai's economic development and will make people around the world makes Dubai as their second home. Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing will focus on looking for new ideas to develop the tourism sector. For the growth of Dubai, it cannot depend on shopping and tourist activities only, because this led to the inception of business tourism in Dubai. Therefore, to fulfill the needs of business tourism, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai International Financial Centre was built. Then, the provision of full tax exemption was also established to encourage investments from the foreign company’s free zones.
In addition, with the most developed tourist infrastructure in Middle East and North Africa, Dubai is able to welcome tourists in large numbers. The city also is one of the best cities in the world to have air transport network where it can fulfill the will all continents. Throughout the world, the tourism industry is labor intensive and income which is translates major amount of sales into income and corresponding

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