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In the United Arab Emirates. Dubai Police Force goes under the purview of the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE or under the ruler of Dubai. Dubai Police incorporates populace of 1,321,453 individuals. Dubai Police Force was established with its first police headquarters on first June, 1956 in Naïf which is situated in Deira of Dubai. It had just 29 people then. The number people joining the force grew from time to time. In 1973, the force moved its headquarters to their present location of Al Towar, on Al Etihad Street in Dubai. Now the force seeks to have a new headquarters in Deira. Dubai Police is the most dynamic and most ground breaking police force in United Arab Emirates. It has around fifteen thousand officers of the best education levels of any organization. The Force was the first to use…show more content…
The numbers of car accidents in Dubai have been increasing, In 2012 628 people have passed away and 7586 injured due to car accidents and in 2016 651 people were killed and 7743 injured, and the main causes for those accidents

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