Duck And Cover Analysis

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“Duck and cover” is a civil defense film which produced in 1951. It is a short film to teach children what shall they do when an atomic bomb explode which made by the United States government's Federal Civil Defense Administration after the Soviet Union began nuclear testing. At the beginning of this film, there is a short anime about a turtle named Bert which protect itself by duck and cover with a song. Than switches to live footage, teach children what to do when they see the flash of an atomic bomb. This film signaled the beginning of the nuclear stage of the Cold War. Cold war was the unfriendly relationship between powers in the Western Bloc and powers in the Eastern Bloc after World War II about 1947 to 1991. It was no large-scale fighting…show more content…
Before a atomic bond explodes , it will has a intense glare of white light, which called nuclear flash. There is still several seconds, even thirty seconds if it is a very large explosions, before the atomic bond explodes when you see a nuclear flash. In the film, it tells children when they see a nuclear flash, they shall stop whatever they are doing, and get on the ground under some cover, such as wall or table. Than lies face-down, covers exposed skin, and covers the back of ones head with hands. If there is anything can cover body, such as jacket, grabs it and covers body. It will decrease the harmfulness of heat wave and radiation, and avoid sharp articles such as broken glasses harmfulness. It has been watched by thousands of schoolchildren in 1950s.This film caused panic and created Red Scare, the promotion of fear of communism, in children minds, they were afraid of Soviet Union and communism. The film “Duck & Cover” symbolize the nuclear arms race and the tension during the cold war. It used anime to that younger children understood easily, than explained the reason to older children. Nuclear weapons are strong power, they do protect own nation and warn others nation. But if we don’t limit the power and control them appropriately, they may destroy us. Using great power that we couldn’t control, and caused unrecoverable damage is not just dangerous to our own nation, it is dangerous to
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