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Duck Dynasty was an exceptionally entertaining and popular reality television show, airing for 11 seasons on the A&E network. The show follows the Robertsons, a down-to-earth Louisiana family with strong Christian beliefs and a multi-million dollar flourishing duck hunting business. Although many viewers refer to them as the new Beverly Hillbillies, the men in the family are commonly recognized for their long and wild beards that they never shave! Jase, one of the Robertson brothers, is known for his clever remarks and of course, his remarkably bushy beard. However, Jase recently made a promise to his fans to say goodbye to his giant beard. The results of his transformation were unexpected. Even his wife was shocked at her husband’s new appearance.…show more content…
The Robertson family made a lasting impact on the show’s dedicated viewers as we followed their successes and struggles over 11 compelling seasons. It was so prosperous that it generated $400 million from merchandise…show more content…
Phil Robertson and his wife (aka Miss Kay) got married when she was only 15 years old. They have four sons, Alan, Jase, Willie, and Jep, who each have their own families and are each involved in the family’s duck-hunting enterprise. Many of Phil and Miss Kay’s grandchildren have become a big part of the show. Sadie Robertson, Willie’s daughter, even competed on Dancing With the Stars. We can only speculate what everyone thought of Jase’s idea to shave his entire beard. 5) Duck Dynasty Controversy A lot of people may be aware of the Duck Dynasty controversy, when Phil Robertson made offensive remarks during a magazine interview. The series was even briefly suspended due to the comments. Many individuals have suggested that the controversy led to the show’s lower ratings. Consequently, the Robertson family decided to officially end their television show after 11 profitable seasons. Was the show’s conclusion the reason behind Jase’s decision to shave? 6) The Funny One Jase Robertson, the second eldest son of Phil and Miss Kay, is also the COO of the family business. On Duck Dynasty, he is known for being the funniest and the best looking. Why would he decide to get rid of his trademark facial hair

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