Duck Quacking Research Paper

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The story starts out as a snowy day in Russia. My grandfather is working outside in the snow while fixing a shed with a hammer. And I try to pick a lock with a branch, but there is a duck quacking at me, because there is a hole through the fence. The duck also quacked, because he was trying to help me get out of the back yard. My grandfather catches me and puts his hand on my back and, I turn around and he yanks me by the arm, and I go out in town. While the i’m at town I saw a girl and I also saw the girl get scared, because there were people like bullies scaring her. Also while I am in town there is a scary man with balloons. Then I saw a scary wolf in a window and what happened was I accidently bumped into a man with a gun and, he yanks me by the shirt and slams me into a wall bumps me into a garbage can and he flipped me into the trash can.

When me, and the duck are in the trash can the duck leans his head on me, and the i’m crying. And now there is a crow and he’s on a gate and the crow falls and knocks his head into a bucket of potatoes. Then the crow then puts his head through the balloon and he
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The wolf looks at the duck, and the wolf gets down through the rocks. The wolf sees the cat, but the cat gets away. Then the wolf eats the duck since the wolf ate the duck i’m crying. There’s a silent pause I stared, the crow stared, and the cat stared. I look down at a feather and stare at the wolf with a mad face. I bite of my glove, and I take off the other glove too. I find a rope in the fence, and I grab it. The wolf tries to get the cat while the cat is slipping off the wolf jumps, and the cat “meows”, but the wolf never got a hold of the cat. I’m climbing the fence to get to the wolf, the crow, and the cat. I grab onto a tree limb and hold it while the wolf is sitting down on the ground
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