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It was a payment for a car insurance bill. My dad asked me to make a phone call to the company to ask about liability costs. He wanted to understand why the price was high, because unfortunately we couldn 't afford it. At the time, I was only ten and had no idea what liability meant, but six years away from legal driving age, I was being asked to understand the legalities of car insurance. He expected me to understand complex vocabulary and concepts because I was in school. What he failed to understand was that liability insurance was far from the curriculum of my American elementary school.

As an only child and a first-generation American with two parents that don 't speak any English, my family expects me to know every English word and to comprehend everything I read. They expect me to speak with representatives, pay bills and make adult financial decisions on their behalf. They expect me to help them find jobs, to read maps and give directions. They expect me
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I thought it looked too easy to be true. I couldn 't imagine myself being in that picture because I was different; I didn 't belong. I didn 't think there would be a place in college that fits me. It was until I came to realize that many college students displayed the "Duck Syndrome". Duck Syndrome describes students of many who on the outside appear calm and cool, and collected while on the inside they are completely stressed out. It 's a "fake it till you make it" mentality. More than that, it 's like a mask that one puts on just to look strong oneself. I myself have gone through similar struggles, but as a first generation American, I had to be a support system for my parents. I 've learned that everybody struggles and I can voice that from my perspective, and I can be a support system for others who are experiencing the same issues I 'm

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