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“I know all the fowls of the air: and with me is the beauty of the field.” (Bible). Ducks Unlimited has been working at land conservation for a long time. “Wetland creation, restoration, and acquisition are in all stages of implementation in the United States and Canada. Money appropriated under this act is also supporting conservation education in Mexico, designed to teach people in local communities the importance of wetlands to migratory birds and to other wetland-dependent wildlife and fishes.” (Granzio and Cross). This is what Ducks Unlimited is a part of just in North America. Ducks Unlimited, however, is a worldwide organization. You should join DU because waterfowl are a key contributor to the environment to keep fish levels…show more content…
“At the peak, three to five million pigeons roamed the eastern North America, making it the most abundant bird in the world. By the mid eighteen hundreds, unchecked hunting caused enormous declines in the pigeon population, and conservationists were calling for protective measures. One of the last wild passenger pigeons was seen in nineteen hundred in Pike County. The last bird, named Martha, died in nineteen fourteen at the Cincinnati Zoo. A species that once numbered in the billions was extinct.” (McCormac, 9). This demonstrates how unprotected animals can thrive at one moment and suffer greatly in the next. This is exactly what Ducks Unlimited is committed to preventing through their conservation projects to make sure these animals continue to stay out of endangerment. A local chapter of DU in Florida built thirty duck houses to bring more ducks into their conservation area. This project is just one example of the many ways that Ducks Unlimited works in the environment. “The decline of waterfowl populations and the loss of wetlands are high-ranking environmental concerns in North America.” (Granzio and Cross, 1). Ducks Unlimited is important. Without their projects and work, waterfowl levels wouldn’t be where they are today, which would be damaging for the environment. The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s main focus is to protect the animal, the environment, and to make sure that these things increase in size and numbers. This is another organization 's words that is mirroring what DU is saying, except for they are speaking about a wider range of animals. Not only DU but many other organizations are in the process of helping wildlife, but no help is too small. (Kleine)(Conservation

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