Duckweed Frog Essay

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Common Name - Yellow Tongued Duckweed Frog

Scientific Name - Lithobates Lemna

Kingdom - Animalia. The Yellow Tongued Duckweed Frog descended from the Green Frog. Both of these frog species are part of the Animalia Kingdom. They are heterotrophs, they depend on other organisms directly or indirectly for food.

Phylum - Chordata. The Yellow Tongued Duckweed Frog belongs to the Phylum Chordata. All chordates have something in common, which is their main feature, the notochord. The notochord is a rod that supports the nerve cord. This is a bundle of nerve fibers which connect the brain with the muscles and organs, and is through which messages from the brain are sent. Class - Amphibia. This species is classified under amphibia because frogs begin their lives in the water as eggs and then tadpoles and when
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The order of the Yellow Tongued Duckweed Frog came from the same order in which its common ancestor, the Green Frog, came from.

Family - Ranidae. The species common ancestor, the Green Frog is classified as a True Frog. True Frogs come from the Ranidae family, which the Yellow Tongued Duckweed Frogs belong to since they evolved from the Green Frog (its common ancestor). Many of the true frogs are aquatic or live close to water. Most species lay their eggs in the water and go through a tadpole stage. However, as with most families of frogs, there is large variation of habitat within the family. The Green Frog and the Yellow Tongued Duckweed Frog both live in a different habitat.

Genus - Lithobates. Lithobates is a group of true frogs, of the family Ranidae. It has been defined as a separate genus from Rana. The Yellow Tongued Duckweed Frog shares the same genus as its common ancestor, the Green Frog.

Species - Lemna - Lemna is a genus of free-floating aquatic plants from the duckweed family. Duckweed is used in the species common name. Lemna is the scientific name for plants from the duckweed

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