Duddy Kravitz

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Success is a reward for those who had devoted their lives towards advancing their skills to become triumphal and struggled hard to achieve their goals. People choose what expertise they want to cultivate depending on their ambition. Some expand their knowledge into becoming a leading scientist to evolutionize the world, developing their craft of arts and music to become a cultural icon and sharpening their tongue and mind into becoming a well known business man. But at what cost? How much can one person sacrifice to satisfy their appetite for success? The readers will see a young man named Duddy pay that price. In the book “The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz” written by Mordecai Richler, the main character of the novel, Duddy Kravitz,…show more content…
Duddy did all of this for his Grandfather, but his Grandfather Simcha was sad and walked back to the car slowly while Duddy looked lost as he watched his Grandfather with a gloomy face even though he did what his grandfather told him that “A man without land is nobody”. Duddy states asking his grandfather he said “What’s the matter, Zeyda, where are you going?” his grandfather responded “Back to the car.” Duddy responded saying “Have you picked your farm yet?” Simcha replied back “I don’t feel well. I’m going to sit in the car .” Duddy with a disappointed voice state “But you haven’t chosen your farm yet. Zeyda, wait.” (Duddy Kravitz, 359). Truly then Duddy was angry and confused that he couldn’t understand why his Grandfather Simcha was sad, that he did all of this for him yet his Grandfather turned his back and just walked away. Furthermore, even though he acquired the land around the lake, the idea of building a resort can never happen since he denied the partnership proposal of Dingleman, a drug dealer interested on investing in the development of the lands around the lake. Evidence of this in the book in a scenario where “Duddy jumped up and down, he laughed, he grabbed Lennie round the waist and forced him to dance round and round. ”Don’t you understand?” he asked. “Don’t you realize that you’re standing realize- He came all this way to beg for an in. Faster, you bastard. Run, Dingleman. Let’s see you run those sticks.” (Duddy Kravitz, 361). Here, Duddy felt there was no point in developing the land when all he ever wanted was the praise of his Grandfather, for the land he acquired. Thus Simcha, might have felt that Duddy was becoming like his Uncle Benjy, Simcha was afraid to lose him like he did to Benjy, and that he also felt a heavy burden on his heart that his grandchild Duddy, had to
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