Dudley Dursley's Informative Essay: A Strange Day In July

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A Strange Day in July

Dudley Dursley had a lot of problems. He had a problem with being a bully. He had a problem with school. But most of all, he had a problem with being a bully at school. He was the worst of the bullies. All of the other bullies looked up to him as their leader. He was the one who wasn’t afraid to give a kid a wedgie, noogie, swirly, or another kind of something-ie. On this particular Friday during lunch, he was pulling his most infamous “joke.” And that would be dunking an innocent victim’s head in the toilet. This time it was Harry Potter, a kid who Dudley felt deserved the treatment. He did it with his friends Russel and Corbin of course. They did the actual dunking. “Let me go!” Harry sputtered, hoping he wouldn’t drown. “Fat chance,” Dudley sneered, as Corbin dunked Harry under again. “I’ll make it worth your trouble,” Harry told him once Corbin had let him up. “How?” asked
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He blurred past cars, buildings, and people, who were no doubt wondering what a boy his age was doing out of school. He didn’t stop until he reached the town harbor. And then he started sobbing. Sure, he had parents that worshiped him and allowed him to kick Harry Potter around, but why did Harry have to give him those stones. Maybe, he thought, I should be less…selfish. But he quickly pushed the thought out of his mind, and pulled in a new one. I should get rid of these stones. In a fit of anger he threw all three stones out into the water. He watched the first and second one sink, but not the third one. In fact the third one was floating. Then, like a VHS tape being rewound, it slowly came out of the water and back into his hand. That’s it, I’m hallucinating, he thought. He tried again. This time, he skipped the stone, a trick Russel had taught him. He threw with all his might, but the third stone came skipping back. He let out of a howl of frustration. He couldn’t get rid of those stupid

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