Duff Green Chapter Summary

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ABOUT GREEN: Duff Green should be a household name to anyone studying the political history of people who have an influence on media. W. Stephen Belko did an excellent job writing the life and inspiration of this Jacksonian American. Green worked very close with President Andrew Jackson in the beginning of his term. That ended shortly after his feud with John C. Calhoun, which led to the annexation of Texas. This also helps the west expand as well. Green made sure he was apart of all major events, politics wise, which helped form the America that is known today. Because of Green and Calhoun’s duo in the early 1800s, a lot of historians over looked Green’s contributions. Belko expressed that he felt Green was the epitome of Jacksonian America. He was a symbol of…show more content…
A lot of reviewers felt similar to Belko and respected the work he did on Green. “Belko 's book is impressive in providing a new, stimulating perspective on Jacksonian politics, and in effectively re-evaluating the figure of Duff Green. However, his insistence in connoting him as a Westerner tout court tends to reinforce, rather than challenge traditional views of interregional contraposition that have long underscored the South 's isolation--ideological, cultural, and economic--from the mainstream of American history. It would be a shame if Belko, with his vast knowledge of Green 's life and thought, didn 't seize the opportunity and cover the last few decades of his existence in the South” (Susanna Delfino). “Belko has produced an outstanding book, both in substance and style. It sheds light on one of the Jacksonian period 's most influential characters whose contributions to the era are too often ignored. Anyone with an interest in Jacksonian America or United States history in general would do well to take notice of this fine work” (Ben Wynne). Time period: Author’s Conclusion: My
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