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The documentary, Dukale’s Dream by Josh Rothstein is a touching, motivating and heartwarming walk through of Hugh Jackman’s trip to Ethiopia. This documentary was made to bring light to the poverty that Ethiopia is experiencing and how we can help them. Hugh Jackman stressed the fact Ethiopia does not want to be dependent and have money handed to them, rather they want to work for the money they receive, be independent and be empowered. Throughout the documentary rhetoric works were used to get the point across to the viewer and touch the reader in an emotional way so they feel obligated to help in any way they can. Dukale 's Dream is the story of an Ethiopian coffee farmer who started off with little to nothing and achieved his dream…show more content…
The story was organized by first explaining the background information of the topic and than going in chronological order of Jackman’s trip. This first gives us an idea of what we are going to be hearing about throughout the documentary than the use of chronological order makes us feel as if we are taking the trip with Jackman. The author does an effective job of using logical schema to develop his ideas throughout the documentary. One logical schema used was the use of description. Hugh Jackman gave exact details of his trip in Ethiopia to make the author feel as if they are there with him. By feeling like we are actually there, it gives us more depth understanding and sense of emotion towards the situation. The author also used compare and contrast to show us how life differs from here to Ethiopia. He also shows a clip of someone trying fair-trade coffee and asking him how it is compared to the coffee he has on an average day. This comparison shows how this small change can make big improvements and steps to ending poverty in Ethiopia.The author supports his view by stating and how we can make a difference, even in the smallest of ways. The author repeatedly states his evidence throughout the story to support his view throughout the story. Through his use of repetition, it drills his view into the reader’s

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