Duke Ellington: Annotated Bibliography Essay

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Duke Ellington was a renowned personality in the music industry, as he was a very successful and notable composer and pianist. He also was a band leader of jazz orchestra throughout his professional career of fifty years; he had been the leader of the orchestra from the year 1923. He was born in 1899 and passed away in 1974. He was a notable figure in the music industry and had an active professional career in the field. That is why his personality is worthy of study so that lessons might be drawn from his life. He considered his music part of the category of American Music and he devoted his life to music to give new meaning to the field (Pbs).
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In Washington D.C. the Duke Ellington School of the Arts was established and in 1989, a bronze plaque was dedicated with his name in the Duke Ellington Building. In 2002, Molefi Kete Asante declared Duke Ellington among the hundred Greatest African Americans. However, the number of albums dedicated to Duke Ellington was numerous and an award winning musical revue, “Sophisticated” Ladies, used many tunes of his repertoire. In short, Duke Ellington has been very strong in terms of his influential legacy …show more content…

He is such an influential person in the music industry that he has been given many awards and distinctions, even after his death. It shows his worth for the music industry. His life has many lessons for those who have interest in music. He has been hard working, and throughout his life, he always thought of music and how to contribute to it. Such a professional approach to one’s career should be learnt from his life and this is why his life has been highlighted in this

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