Duke Ellington's Song Analysis

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Duke Ellington earned nine Grammy Awards during his life from 1959-1973.Duke won three more awards after his death from 1973-2000. Duke Ellington was in the spotlight not only during his life but was still in the spotlight many years after his death. Duke was born in Washington D.C. on April 29,1899.Duke’s music career started at age seven when began studying the piano.At age 15, Duke wrote his first composition.The song was called “Soda Fountain Rage.”The song was inspired by his job as a soda jerk.Ellington was given an art scholorship to Pratt Institate in Brooklyn,New York, but instead persevered with his devotion for ragtime.Duke started playing professioally at age 17. (Duke Ellington Biography). Ellington was performing in Broadway
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