Duke Energy Swot Analysis

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Duke Energy is the largest power holding company in the United States. Serving well over seven million customers and being active in more than six states across the country makes them one of the top companies in the country. Duke Energy contributes its success to having a diverse portfolio of energy harnessing activities and looking to the future instead of staying in the past. Even though it is now such a large company, Duke Energy was not always such a ‘powerhouse’ in the energy world. In 1905 James Duke, William Lee, and Gill Wyile had an idea to create a hydroelectric power company in the piedmont of North and South Carolina. The reasoning for their decision to break into the power business was because they believed that “the South's…show more content…
Another big strength they have is their power plants in Brazil, Latin America, and Canada. This makes the company very culturally diverse which can help with community outreach. Community outreach being another one of the company’s big strengths. Duke Energy has always committed themselves to giving back to their communities going all the way back to their founding. “The Duke Energy Foundation targets investments in areas where it believes the company can have the greatest impact on the well-being of our communities – the environment, economic and workforce development, education and community vitality” (Duke Energy Corp., n.p.). It is important for companies to be socially responsible in their communities and Duke Energy has shown that time and time again over the many years that they have been in business. As well as being a core competency, Duke Energy’s diverse portfolio of power harnessing techniques is a major strength of theirs. It shows the consumer that the company is committed to making power in the most efficient ways…show more content…
The Product the company provides is power. The Price is very competitive. They are able to make their prices competitive through their variety of power harnessing processes. The Distribution of the company’s power occurs through infrastructure that has been installed for decades. Power lines, transformers, and power distribution centers are all controlled by the company. As discusses earlier, the place that the company operates is in six or so states across the eastern United States and in a few other countries in North and South America. Finally, the Promotion of Duke Energy’s power occurs several ways. Deals and promotions for new customers is always a tried and true method that the company practices. However, something that sets Duke Energy apart is their level of social responsibility. Duke Energy is extremely passionate about giving back to their community and making a difference in the environment that they are a part of. This may not sound like it would contribute directly to increase sales but it does have an effect. Improving the image of a company directly relates to customer satisfaction. Customers like to know that their money is going to good use, and when they see their energy provider out in the community making a difference, customer satisfaction goes

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