The King's Use Of Communication In Oedipus The King

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This is the story of Duke of York, Prince Albert (Bertie) who assumes the throne after his brother abdicated and became King George VI of United Kingdom of Great Britain. The story depicts his journey in overcoming his stammering. Because of his speech impediment, everyone sees him unfit to be a king. After countless attempts of engaging in different techniques, he still struggles with verbal communication in public. His wife, Queen Elizabeth employs an Australian speech therapist, Lionel Logue to help him. Bertie came very close to giving up but Lionel managed to change his mind by showing him the progress he made. Bertie gradually improves with Lionel's unexpected techniques. When Britian came to war, Bertie has become significantly better and managed to suppress him stammering. He then successfully delivers a speech to lead Britain forward to a victorious war.…show more content…
The camera always stays within the vicinity of focusing on his face despite constantly moving. In the recording room, the close-up shots capture the intimacy between the King and his instructor as they are standing on opposite ends of the microphone basked in soft natural light from a nearby window. As the music becomes louder, the scenes switch back and forth from the listening British citizens to the King who is in front of the recording microphone and occasionally to Logue gesturing the King with his hands. The music peaks when Bertie's speech is about to end and stops abruptly when it does. The scene turns into absolute silence when Bertie lets out a breath of relief after he completes his speech. From this, we can tell that it took Bertie a lot of effort during the entire speech and it was no easy task for him. Through these scenes, the movie climax becomes a review of the entire plot, calling to mind of all the challenges faced by Bertie as he journeys through a period of self-discovery through finding his
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