Duke University Health Case Study

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WEEK 6, PA 2
Case Study
Duke University Health System

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Bipina Shrestha

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Dr. Nino
The Case study on the Duke University Health System uses a electronic medical records with an analytical tools to treating patients. The whole study shows how the health information technology helps a doctors and patients as well as the hospitals and insurance companies which benefit them to work easily and by reducing the all medical errors and taking the right decision in a right time. It also shows the high volume of data can be more effective but the challenges are also there for which patients should balance them in way. About all of the industries in the world use the information technology according to their
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• Personal privacy issues should be strong and auditing record should be maintained of the patients or I can say that, health privacy audit & compliance verify process is needed.
• Staff should be trained and they should be taught the laws, rules which are vunerable.
• Excellent models of voluntary patients’ privacy control policy should be offered by repositories of personal health records.
Patient need to conduct the field research on the matter of how the privacy is unfolding in EHRs
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A characteristic of many industries such as finance, health science research, genomics driving an increased in a volume of data and all this data benefit to the industries. According to me all of the industries manage large volume of data which benefit them in getting information, finding the records, analyzing and solving the problem. Many industries establish new entrants and competitor’s a like data driven strategy for innovation, competitiveness and capture value. High volume of data will help to create the opportunities and entirely new categories of company. For example, Midwest grocery chain uses Oracle software of the data mining capacity to analyze the local buying pattern. This discovered that when the man bought diapers on Friday and Saturday they tended to buy beer. A Grocery chain used the newly discovered the information for various ways to increase the revenue.
Another example of retailing industry which use data mining software for the high volume and quality of data available through the internet purchase and it benefit through the new application of data all along with growing sophistication of analytical tools for segregating customer. Using a data mining, retailer could use point of sale records of customer for promotion and purchase

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