Dukwane's Deliverance Short Story

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Being different is not always a bad thing. It can also mean to be capable of doing something others would never have done, to have a dream of becoming something that extends beyond your social environment. However, it can be a very difficult road to achieving this dream and you can meet different obstacles that you need to overcome. Here could deliverance be the answer. This is the problem that is being presented in the short story “Dukwane’s deliverance”, which is written by Neil Ramsorrum, where the black teenager, Dukwane, loses his ability to walk while he is having a plan on attending Cambridge University. He has to deal with the fact that he is a black teenager, who lives in a country where most people are white and despite that, he is a cripple as well. The main theme is being reflected in this confrontation with difficulties, and tells that you never should give up on your dreams.

The lead character Dukwane is a black teenager. Dukwane lives together with his father and mother in Camden, London. His family are not specifically wealthy, which is indicated with that he works six shifts a week in an ingenious fastfood restaurant. Another indication of this is the father’s choice of occupation, “As he looked at his father sat there, his bottom shirt buttom open and exposing his belly overhanging his trousers, he felt a sense of sadness, but also a determination to be more”. His father who sits and watching television all day, scares Dukewane
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The omniscient point of view gives the reader the ability to see events and other characters from Dukwane’s point of view. “He hears the sound after he feels it. Almost like the release of air, his body no longer in his control, falling to the pavement again. He feels the blood but cannot lift his head to see it. All he can see is the blur of neon fading”. Here in this quote we see the events from Dukwane’s point of

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