Dulce Interview Guatemalan Women

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What is an Identity?:
Through the Eyes of a Guatemalan Female

For this specific assignment, I decided to interview one of my friend 's close friends, Dulce. Dulce is a 19-year-old, Guatemalan female who came her during her last few years of high school. When Dulce came here, she had the idea that she was not a "good" student, due to what other teachers had told her when she was attending a private school in Guatemala. Growing up, she had to face some difficult decisions and witness what others can 't imagine. This is Dulce 's first year in college, 5th year in the United States and plans to major in Political Science. My goal in the beginning of interviewing her was to get to know her more as a person, but by the end, I had learned more than what I came to realize.
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I had decided to ask her because not only had I notice that she was a bit shy, but also because as a Latina female it is as almost every “American” person identifies that if a person speaks Spanish, dresses a certain way and hangs out with other similar people, then they must be "Mexican." I had also decided to interview her because I was curious to know how did other Latin American Females ' experience was different from mine: was it completely different or was it only my perception. I had previously set up a time with Dulce before our first period on a Monday morning, but when were going to start she had told me that she actually needed to go to class at 8:30, we both then agreed to meet later that day. That same afternoon, after I got off work, I met up with her in the Learning Center of Cañada
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