Dulce Rosa Character Analysis

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“Fear is inevitable, I have to accept that, but I cannot allow it to paralyze me.” My greatest fear is my parents being disappointed in me. I push myself everyday to make sure I keep them happy. I tell myself that if I do not try, I will have to face the disappointment in their eyes. Dulce Rosa wanted to avenge her father's death by killing Tadeo, buts she ends up falling in love. So they get closer and more attached. Then Dulce Rosa realized she could not commit to the vengeance and that she could not get her father out of her head and she decided to take away her own life. Transformation is a radical change or the process of changing. Transcendence is going beyond the ordinary.

When you look at Dulce Rosa from afar, you see a beautiful woman that is hated for her beauty. After her father's death, Dulce Rosa isolated herself from men only focusing on vengeance for the rest of her life. What must it be like to be so ignorant and alone? Dulce Rosa is like the character Kate King from the movie The Other Women. Kate King wanted revenge on her husband after she finds out he's been cheating. Kate then remembered all the good times she had with her husband and did not want to continue with the revenge, just how Dulce
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When I read the ending I felt that Dulce Rosa killing herself was meant to happen. I felt like it was necessary for her to do it. Another part of me feels like she should have died with her father. Her change was predictable. I wonder if Dulce Rosa was thinking about her father when she killed herself. Was she thinking that by killing herself, Tadeo would have to live with that? Was that her vengeance? Dulce Rosa is a strong woman that knew what she was doing. What if Dulce Rosa killed herself, knowing that she could not avenge her father? Did her killing herself actually affect Tadeo? Was that her vengeance? I recommend reading An Act of Vengeance and answer these questions
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