Dull Headache Case Study

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Brandy Sympreux had her eight-year-old son’s birthday party all planned out which included renting a video game truck for the kids to have a great time in, but she wasn 't ready for what else was going on inside there.

The Newnan Time-Herald reports the Atlanta mother had nine children ranging from six to 11-years-old show up for the birthday bash that started out with excited kids, but it didn 't take long for Sympreux to notice the children seemed to be acting strangely.

As the kids played video games inside of the truck filled with flat screen TV 's, one girl had trouble making her way out. Sympreux said:

“One worker saw her lose her balance and caught her as she collapsed in his arms. He rushed to our door and said she passed out. We thought it might have been heat
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Consumer Products Safety Commission reports health effects of CO depend on the concentration level, length of exposure, and each persons health condition.

According to the Mayo Clinic, warning signs of carbon monoxide poisoning can be subtle for life-threatening medical emergency. Watch for:

Dull headache
Nausea or vomiting
Shortness of breath
Blurred vision
Loss of consciousness
Sympreux was surprised this could happen, but happy to see the owner of GameTruck Atlanta West 's reaction to the carbon monoxide scare:

“He was incredibly concerned and regretful about what occurred. Their first concern was the children, and they’ve taken full responsibility into the situation.”
The mother didn 't see this coming when she rented the truck for her son and his party guests so she wants to make sure other parents are aware this danger exists:

“It’s not for me to determine negligence with their fleet, but I think people need to be cautious with generator-powered game trucks and ensure their detectors are always working. This could have turned into a very tragic event.”
All of the children that were taken to the hospital were released that night, including the

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