Dumpster Diving Essay

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Materialism is the constant obtaining of commodity while sacrificing human relationships. For decades people have had the notion that obtaining materialistic goods is a portrait of success. In the essay “On Dumpster Diving” Lars Eighner stated that he learned “The first is to take what I can use and let the rest go. I have come to think that there is no value in the abstract. A thing I cannot use or make useful, perhaps by trading, has no value, however fine or rare it may be.” (593). Materialism is harmful in multiple ways on society, labor, and the environment. On a daily basis, we are overwhelmed with advertisements that suggest if we do not obtain the newest gear we are missing out on life. Advertisement blinds us into believing that the more possessions, the more we can enhance our wellbeing. The more people obsess on gaining materialistic goods the more their mental health takes a dive in multiple ways. A person develops depression, greediness, selfishness,…show more content…
Large companies such as Walmart and H&M clothing, choose where to go for their products to be made cheap, fast, and quick. Outsourcing to countries like China and India is the number one trend with companies to save them money and time. Factory laborers make all types of commodities for the rest of the world and are paid only a dollar per day and are treated very poorly. Companies that hire factories ignore the safety issues involved in making products. As a result, factories cut corners to meet the demands of their employers and the workers’ pay the price. Laborers have to deal with poor working conditions because that is the only job they can obtain considering economics of their country. The workers complain and try to take a stand yet their voices are not heard by their employers nor the companies who pay for cheap labor. In the end nothing changes for the workers and the environment around them because the game is
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