Dumpster Diving Rhetorical Analysis

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1. The effects of Eighner’s attention to language in the first five paragraphs emphasizes that he is knowledgeable and confident about dumpster diving. As he states, “I live from the refuse of others. I am a scavenger” (Eighner 108). Eighner create an appeal to ethos when he displays his own experiences on the lifestyle of dumpster diving and its different aspects.
2. The effects of Eighner’s rhetorical direction is to introduces his thesis to the readers. As he states, “I mean to put some of what I have learned down here, beginning with the practical art of Dumpster diving and proceeding to the abstract” (Eighner 108). He foreshadows that his essay will be about his dumpster diving experience and what it has taught him.
3. The effects of mentioning the de-emulsification and the behavior of pathogens creates an appeal to ethos and logos. As it states, “Candying, after all, is one method of food preservation because pathogens do not like very sugary substances” (Eighner 110). He proves his points about food safety while dumpster diving by using scientific facts to create the appeal to influence on the reader’ thoughts that dumpster diving is not a bad …show more content…

An example of irony in the section about the students is the idea of what is good or bad. As its states, “Students throw out many good things, including food” (Eighner 110). Presumably, food is thrown out because it is bad and is unfavorable to the student, however; Eighner finds that the student throwing out food is a good thing because it is favorable thing to him and others. Another example of irony is the food’s value. As its states, “The students does not know that, and since it is Daddy’s money, the student decides not to take a chance” (Eighner 111). The students throw out food carelessly because they did not work for the money to buy the food, they do not appreciate it. However, if the food was bought with their own money they worked for, they would be resourceful and not waste food so

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