Dumpster Diving Speech

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There are currently 7.6 billion people living on Earth all with a different story to tell. Everyone has a different background and goes through obstacles throughout their life. Some people share these experiences for others to be inspired and understand their backgrounds as human beings. Humans can relate, adapt, and learn from these events by simply taking the time to hear one 's journey. Whether that be in a book, a documentary, or even just a one on one conversation some people tend to open up about life 's difficulties so they can pass on these moments. Giving others a look into one 's personal experiences and hardships has value within what is told so others can learn and understand through an inspirational viewpoint. Other humans…show more content…
Listening to one 's personal experiences can allow one to understand what they have gone through and get a better understanding of that person and their story. A homeless man named Lars Eighner participates in "scavenging" on a day to day basis in which he takes items out of a dumpster for him to survive off of. In "On Dumpster Diving," Lars Eighner shares the process and the way he lives as a scavenger. Eighner informs his readers on distinctive facts that a person would not think of when seeing someone digging out of a dumpster. In the essay, Eighner says "all these foods might be found in any Dumpster and can be evaluated with some confidence largely on basis of appearance" (149). He states that when looking for food he judges it based off appearance and whether or not it should be eaten. Eighner stating this process is giving his audience a better understanding of what he really is doing and how he does it. By listening to Eighner 's perspective his readers can understand more of what he is actually doing and the way he does it. When studying and reading about a specific story told by the person can decrease the possibility of judgements, stereotypes, and framing others. Eighner 's audience can now understand from his point of view before making a judgement about someone. This is valuable because now the reader has a better viewpoint of his everyday life and how he lives it. Now when they see someone digging out of the trash they can understand why that person is doing it and the process of their basic survival before jumping to
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