Dunkin Donuts Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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“America Runs On Dunkin”
When hearing the phrase “American Runs On…” most consumers are able to subconsciously fill in the blank within seconds: Dunkin. Dunkin Donuts was founded in 1950 by a man named, Bill Rosenberg (Marketing Coach). Since its creation, the company has been instilling their mission statement: “Our People. Our Guests. Our Neighbors. Our Neighborhood.” There neighborhood, of course being America. Contrary to their name; Dunkin Donuts main product is their coffee. That being said, the company’s main competitor is Starbucks.
Starbucks was established close to 20 years after Dunkin Donuts; however, they have grown at a significantly quicker rate than Dunkin Donuts, forcing Dunkin Donuts to develop new marketing strategies in order to differentiate themselves from Starbucks.
Having already stated Dunkin Donuts’ slogan: “America Runs On Dunkin”, the company used this slogan as their first strategy to set
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The commercial incorporates a group of very socially and racially diverse customers singing about their confusion (Dunkin' Donuts - Fritalian Commercial). The song is extremely catchy, which is effective for a commercial. Consumers will be singing this song for hours after the commercial and hopefully that sparks an idea to head to Dunkin Donuts.In the commercials, the customers are not able to read the menu or order their drinks. This is due to the combination of French and Italian found on the menu. The commercial entitled this combination as “Fritalian”. Creating this silly name allows customers to add humor into their coffee house situations. Also, once customers start to use the word “Fritalian” it will begin to be followed by the thought of Dunkin Donuts and their commercial. This could potentially spark two things: a trip to Dunkin Donuts or that catchy song from the commerical (later, ending in a trip to Dunkin

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