Dunkin Donuts Survey Method

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In this part of the research, I will choose the best survey method in my opinion that is appropriate for Dunkin’ Donuts to determine consumers’ response to the new line of pastries with a distinctive French taste before introducing them in the marketplace. Also, I will discuss the advantages beyond using this method not others. Actually, there are four widely used data collection methods in quantitative surveys; in-depth personal interview, telephone interview, mail survey, online survey and observation method (Lindridge et al.2010). The interview is a more flexible form than the questionnaire and can generally be used to gather information of greater depth and can be more sensitive to contextual variations in meaning (Phellas et al. 2011,…show more content…
The classical survey research tradition geared to producing quantitative data. It is generally associated with interviews where the wording and order of questions are exactly the same for every respondent. In-depth interviewing is a qualitative research technique that involves conducting intensive individual interviews with a small number of respondents to explore their perspectives on a particular idea (Boyce & Neale 2006, p.3). For example, we might ask customers about their expectations related to new products or type of food like in the case of Dunkin ' Donuts. Personal interviews are one-on-one interviews typically conducted in high-traffic locations such as shopping malls. They allow to present people with samples of products and gather immediate feedback. In-depth personal interview allow for surveys to be conducted in a variety of settings. During in-person surveys, the experienced interviewers can get accurate and descriptive answers while following the survey research (Phellas et al. 2011, p.…show more content…
Dunkin ' Donuts can conducted the personal interview at its own retail stores to the frequent visit customers. The surveys at Dunkin ' Donuts locations where samples of the new French pastries are given to actual Dunkin ' Donut buyers are ideal. These consumers are already experience with the taste of current donuts sold by the company. Therefore, if the Dunkin’ Donuts will use this type of method, its current customers are the perfect target market of the new pastries. Moving to the reasons why this method is better than others, first, it is easier to up sell current customers than gain new customers from other brands. Second, People love to eat donuts and here for market testing purposes; each survey participant will be given a free pastry and asked about their opinion of it. For example, they will be asked whether it was as good as current Dunkin ' Donut brands. Also, they will be asked about types of flavors to offer and any suggestions be gained from existing customers already loyal with the brand like information on sales price, quality and any other types of desire information. In addition to the above advantages, this type of survey methods can offer a very good level of precision in the test survey pool with immediate results. Therefore, Dunkin ' Donut can avoid the longtime of getting results and the highly cost. We know that the major disadvantage to personal interview is their relatively high cost but in this case the situation is different a little bit. As I
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