Dunkirk Informative Speech

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Well, you may think that Dunkirk is hardly the most interesting French city, but you'll be totally wrong once again. Dunkirk is a beautiful place and a great source of history and culture as well. Indeed, there's also a movie covering the warfare between the Allies and Nazi Germany. So, you can see that it's quite a famous city that has got its own movie adaptation as well. So once you get here, don't forget to pay a visit to the city's best museums and landmarks, such as Musée Portuaire, Beffroi de Dunkerque or Plage de Malo-les-Bains aka Dunkirk's gigantic sandy beach. Lastly, there are really affordable hotels and vacation rentals around here as well. Want to check them all out? Keep reading to find the best rentals for you near Dunkirk,

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