Dunlop Direzza Dz101 Case Study

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Dunlop Direzza DZ101 The Dunlop Direzza DZ101 is an ultra-high performance summer tire for compact sports vehicles, and was designed to provide responsive, crisp handling in a range of driving conditions. A unique silica-carbon compound enhances grip, and the directional tread design delivers improved handling response and hydroplaning resistance with increased cornering stability. The Jointless Band (JLB) technology from Dunlop stabilizes tread area to optimize wear characteristics, high-speed capabilities and overall handling performance. • Enhanced cornering power and steering response • Silicarbon matrix™ compound provides excellent traction in all conditions • Jointless band technology™ delivers maximum highway performance • Built-in…show more content…
An optimal blend of handling, traction and stability provides superior cornering, braking and overall handling in both dry and wet conditions. Features Hydro-Paddle Technology to resist hydroplaning for enhanced wet weather handling. Innovative construction includes Joint Less Band technology to promote even wear on the tread with lighter weight and enhanced ride quality. • Superior braking in all conditions • Delivers an improved level of stability and control • Reduces noise for a more comfortable and enjoyable ride • Improved stability for exceptional cornering Goodyear Excellence The Goodyear Excellence has been designed to deliver high comfort levels and superb handling characteristics over a diverse range of road surfaces. Touring tyres for drivers who demand competent handling, sophisticated appearance and high speed durability. Excellent water dispersion, increasing traction and overall handling performance in the wet. An asymmetric tread design provides a quiet ride, combined with enhanced stability and performance. • Combines comfort and control with three separate tread zones • Improves braking performance in the wet while reducing rolling resistance, guaranteeing better fuel economy • Outstanding handling and steering response with low noise production • Original Equipment on select European vehicles. Goodyear

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