Dunphy's Court Case Summary

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In the first part of the case study the Dunphy’s owned an older home in Los Angeles California. The home needed a new roof, painting and cosmetic repairs. His wife Claire noticed some worker in front of the house but after questioning her husband didn’t think they were their to do work on her home. When she left to go shopping the foreman can up to her home and talked with her daughter Alex who appeared to be 20 or 21. Once Mr. and Mrs. Dunphy returned home they were approached by the foreman and realized he has mistaken taken their home for their neighbors. The biggest question to ask is does the Dunphy have to pay for the work done on their home additionally what laws covers each party? While the question seems very simple there are a few things we need to…show more content…
Alex naturally appears older than she is also it would be hard to proven that she was given permission by her parent to sign the contract. The Dunphy would not be responsible for paying for the work done on their home but some type of agreement would need to be made because the equipment would need to be returned and the roof in the same condition or better. If the Dunphry were in Hawaii they would be no signature by Alex which would make the foreman company responsible for the work and they also risk trespassing when make them probably not pursue any type of payment. In the last part of the scenario Mrs. Dunphry make a pledge of a thousand dollar to a animal cruelty shelter. She later regret the decision and changes her mind on the pledge. The charity could hold Mrs. Dunphy liable for the charity because of the important placed on every contribution. She has entered into a informal contract she has agreed to contribute to the cause of the organization. The Shelter will in many cases allow the contract to be broken to avoid bad publicity and not wanting any bad images attached to it
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