Dunya Mikhail's The War Works Hard

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Over the course of the years, war has been perceived as violent and unnecessary and most Americans hate the idea of it. They can’t understand the justifications for why America goes to war and they absolutely won’t stand for it. But there are some things that war provides and contributes to America that people often overlook. “The War Works Hard,” by Dunya Mikhail claims that war “works with unparalleled diligence! / Yet no one gives it a word of praise (49-50).” Mikhail claims that when people think of war they think of all the negative things that are the result of war like the “lifeless and glistering” bodies and the ones that are “pale and still throbbing (15-16)”. People think of losing their loved ones and destroyed countries, families, and many other things…show more content…
People automatically associate war with something terrible but the war can bring advancements that would not have come to light. The title, “The War Works Hard” suggests that the war works hard to inspire people and “build new houses for the orphans (44-45).” So, while Americans place a negative perception on war, Mikhail claims that the war works hard and should be recognized as something positive. On the other hand, “Girl in the War” by Josh Ritter, is a poem that is anti-war. Ritter’s poem is a strong cry against war, he claims that rules that are in the Bible are often ignored. “Paul I know that they can hear me yell,” expresses that he is strongly against war and he knows that the government and people can hear him protest but if they can’t find a way to help and to abide by the rules in the Bible then they will go to Hell (13). Ritter’s poem shows his struggle with war. The keys to the “kingdom”, which is believed to be Heaven, are “locked inside” which means that he is losing his
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