Durango Jail Summary

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On 09/18/2016, at approximately 2148 hours, at the Durango Jail located at3225 W Gibson Ln Phoenix, AZ 85009 an Inmate/Inmate fight had occurred in Durango 3 B Pod between Inmate Moothery, Naz T303229 and Inmate Sams, Worine T284566. Upon entering Durango 3 B Pod, Inmate Sams approached Inmate Moothery and begun fighting by Durango 3 B Pod door. Multiple strikes were thrown by both inmates until Inmate Moothery had fallen to the Pod floor. At that time Officer Serrano approached the pod door and gave both inmates commands to stop fighting. No radio call was made due to both inmates complying with the orders given. Inmate Sams was placed into Durango 3 A Pod Cell 13 by Officer Serrano B3280 for Security Segregation pending Disciplinary

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