Durango Research Paper

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Durango is a small town in Colorado surrounded by vast mountains and its most tourist site, the one hundred year old train. Its filled with tourists because of its forty degree weather in the summer, and its ten degree weather with mountains to ski on. Everyone is so content walking in the streets of Durango because of its hippy vibe and it’s most suitable weather. When hiking its tallest mountain it will take your breath away, literally. The elevation is so high your nose will be a bother and so will your ears while traveling down its Million Dollar Highway. The town has its mines so well preserved that everything is the same as it was in the 1800s and if you stroll by the nearby river you 'll find small rocks with gold. While traveling its most tourist train it takes you on a 47 mile journey through the San Juan’s to a small mining town called Silverton. The journey through the mountains is breathtaking, because of the…show more content…
There is always activities to do at the small town from jeeping, rafting, hiking, and cycling. Journalists go to write down the history and the way the small town is its in its own world of happiness. Travelers go to be part of the community and join in the events that make the town so special. The town mesmerizes anyone who enters to pure positivity and shows you a part of the world that no one really knows but one can only hope will someday find. I realized that you don 't have to go to a different continent to find the beauty that the earth beholds. There are many beautiful and majestic parts of the United States and one of those outstanding places would be Durango. I live 1,162 miles from Durango and i 've been there three times in one year in car. I will never get tired of the city that takes you by the hand and shows you more to the world than all its problems. If I was handed a ticket to go anywhere in the world I would choose Durango in a
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