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Basketball fans are always anxious when summer arrives. Every NBA summer, fans’ favorite players could be on the move to a new city, or they could stay in their current jerseys. This summer has been no different, as we’ve witnessed two of the most shocking free agency announcements since LeBron James took his talents to South Beach. On the 4th of July, Kevin Durant announced he would sign with the Golden State Warriors, while Dwyane Wade took his talents from South Beach to Chicago. It’s difficult to say which decision is more shocking, as both players were considered their former team’s franchise player. We’ve gotten used to seeing Durant in an Oklahoma City Thunder uniform, and we’ve only ever seen Wade in a Miami Heat Jersey. We still remember Durant and his Thunder teammates’ pre-game dance rituals as if they were meant to be teammates forever. And as if it happened yesterday, we also remember…show more content…
Durant joined a team that nobody with any self-esteem would use in the video game NBA 2K, while Wade parted with Pat Riley and the only professional team he has ever played for to return to his hometown of Chicago. As stated, it’s difficult to say which move was more shocking, but Wade relocating to the Windy City seems to be the answer. Most people may disagree, but Durant’s move is understandable. After playing for a team that consistently made the playoffs but hasn’t been back to the NBA Finals since an appearance in 2012, Durant made the best business, and basketball, decision for himself. He’s a perennial All-Star that deserves to be on a team that has a better chance of winning a ring — At the end of the day, that’s what it‘s all about. Loyalty is important, but more so for fans than the players themselves. It’s more important for players to chase championships, even if it means going to a better team. Durant is still young (27 years old) and far from retirement. He shouldn’t be blamed for improving his chances to win a

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