Durban As A European City

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In accordance to O’Connor, there are 6 types of African city. Namely, the indigenous city, Islamic city, The Colonial city, European City, the Dual city and the Hybrid city. Out of all the six, Durban was best described as a European city. What best explains a European City is that it can be regarded as a true colonial city (O 'Connor, 1983). Just like a typical European city, Durban was used by European settlers as a place of permanent for the European to develop trade and urban services, and its main service was administration and trade and later on developed to manufacturing. Durban became the leading port in southern Africa which later resulted in an increase in growth due to industrial development. The population growth was not mainly by the Europeans but also by immigrants from overseas and some that were part of the European Union (Brookfield & Tatham, 1957).
The beginning of trade in Durban
Durban is one of the largest cities in South Africa that was ever established and it being a European, Asiatic and Native place and being able to be a combination of different ethnic group structures. Durban was named after Benjamin d’Urban. Originally the Zulu name for Durban is Ethekwini which means a place of the Bay It was established in the 1820’s and it was a trading post at Zulu sufferance until the discovery of the Boer hegemony in 1838 (Brookfield & Tatham, 1957). In 1856 Durban became a British Colony which was under the Authority of Queen Victoria. As the harbour

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