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Marketing History In 1929 the London Rubber Company (LRC) has registered DUREX condom trademark, whose name was derived from Du rability, Re liability and Ex cellence. The next important steps as a global condom’s provider were in 1951 with the introduction of the first fully automated production, and two years later with the development of the first electronic testing machines. During the 1980s, Durex condoms began to be sold in public area (supermarket, pubs, …), due to the recent AIDS fear. This decade will show thanks to the sales increase, a sharp development of marketing with the first Durex poster campaign in 1982, as well as the first condom advertising on television (1987). Finally, during this last decade, Durex has followed a marketing…show more content…
Experience in the industry: It was started in 1915 in London, UK by London Rubber Company. “Durex” the name which the London rubber co. trademarked in 1929 is an abbreviation of “Durability, Reliability & Excellence”. In 1999 LRC (parent co.) merged with another company to form SSL International. Later on this co. was sold to Reckitt Benckiser in July 2010. Through all these years of changes in Durex’s management, the brand has emerged as a market leader and is currently manufacturing 1 billion units/year in 17 factories worldwide. 2. Financially strong: Reckitt Benckiser being the world’s 3rd largest company (on the basis of revenue) in cleaning & consumer health care products & being stable company employing 36000 employees worldwide with market capitalization of $44 billion as of 24rth Dec provides a financial stability. Furthermore, Reckitt Benckiser is guiding the brand with its existing resources to make it a bigger condom brand than ever worldwide. 3. Product portfolio: Durex’s product portfolio is based on three essential elements/characteristics of sex life…show more content…
Technology advancement making business more profitable: Rapidly advancing technology makes manufacturing more efficient, less costly; more effort can be placed on distribution. 3. Maturing diaspora – People are maturing, even in developed countries. And these people are accepting that sex plays an important part in life and there is no use of keeping things bottled up. This mentality improves the overal market potential for sexual well being products. Threats in the SWOT analysis of Durex 1. Low brand loyalty: Due to the commoditized market & availability of the local brands company is facing intense problem resulting into low brand loyalty. The main game is of the availability & the retailers pushing the particular co.’s condoms. 2. Differentiation is a challenge: Due to the restrictions imposed by the government it’s tough for the company to distinguish their offerings from others because they cannot communicate value easily. At the same time, condoms are limited in product design when it comes to innovation. Thus differentiation from different brands becomes a challenge. 3. Other products/alternatives available in the market: Due to the alternatives available in the market such as Oral contraception, Dams & IUDs, condom business has a serious threat of decrease in

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