Durex Thesis Statement

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Would You Rather? Contraceptives have always been a topic of debate. Factors such as Inconvenience and comfortability have led many to decide against using them. A lot of times these same people end up with a future they didn’t intend on having. Sometimes it takes a visual to draw people’s attention to what really matters. The condom visual is an example of using an image to make people think about what they’re doing. This visual has a car seat towards the middle of the picture and the label “Durex” at the bottom. Durex is the name of a condom company. the two items have price tags; a $217 tag on the car seat and a $2.50 tag on the durex label. The visual is depicting two choices someone could make. One choice is to not wear protection and…show more content…
It’s portraying that it is more logical to wear a durex condom than not and have a baby. This is what the price tags were added for. The car seat is a great deal more expensive than a condom, not just because it literally costs more to buy, but because it requires more you to take care of a baby than to just wear protection and not take the risk. For people who aren’t planning to or aren’t ready to have a baby, it makes the most sense to pay $2.50 for the condoms up front, than skip it and end up having to eventually pay $217 for a car seat. The pathos appeal is how the price of the car seat infuriates the audience. Who wants to pay that kind of money for a car seat, especially when the price of the condom is so small. The visual does not use the ethos appeal because of the creators of the image. It was made by the Durex condom company. So, there of course is bias in favor of the condom. Therefore, there is not an unbiased credible…show more content…
Only two items are in the picture: the car seat and the durex label. This plays the tune that the decision is very plain and simple. You have two clear choices in front of you, and not much else matters. Showing nothing else in the picture but those two items is saying not to let other things in life distract you into making the wrong decision. Some things that might seem important actually aren’t. The audience for an image like this is young, maybe late teens to mid twenties. A lot of the time, young people can be distracted by things that seem important at the time, which can cause the wrong decision to be made. They need to see the straightforwardness of the choice they are about to make. This is why the image is so simple, to show the audience what really

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