Durham Fire Department Business Analysis

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The Durham Fire Department was first established in 1872 as a volunteer department and was comprised of 3 stations. After the great fire in 1909 that burned down City Hall, and a lack of unity between the 3 stations, the local government decided that the city should have a full staff department. Jay Percy created the first logo for the department in 1971 just after the department split from public safety to two separate departments, fire and police. The logo for the Durham Fire Department defines the company by the Maltese cross, the symbols, and the community the department serves. The Maltese cross is a symbol of protection and a badge of honor (New York City Fire Department). The Maltese cross was first created by the Knights of St. John, who lived in Malta, a small island located in the Mediterranean Sea. In a time when fire was a powerful weapon, some knights were…show more content…
When the department first began, they only ran fire calls. In October 1993, the department started to answer life-threatening medical calls by implementing the First Responder program. To this day, the Durham Fire Department services the community not only by answering fire and medical calls, but they also inspect buildings for fire hazards, community education and events, Hazardous Material Response, and Technical Rescue. When the citizens of Durham see the logo for the Durham Fire Department, they know they do more than just fight fires. In conclusion, whether it is fighting fires, emergency medical calls, or community service, the logo is a small but very meaningful definition of the Durham Fire Department. The Maltese cross, the symbols, and the community the department serves is how the logo defines the Durham Fire Department. With the future growth plans in place, the department will be adding additional personnel and stations to increase coverage and programs to assist the citizens of Durham even

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