Durin During The Progressive Era

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Amputation which often on the battlefield did save lives, because a crushed foot or arm would always lead to a fatal systemic infection, so it was simpler to cut it off other than to try and save it. Having to work very quickly, a very skilled surgeon would cut through the flesh that was saw completely through the bone and apply a piping red hot iron to fix off the stump’s raw surface and stop the bleeding of the cut. Sometimes the entire operation was performed in less than two minutes. By having a limb amputated the mortality risk was about fifty percent. But even with a fifty-fifty chance of living after this surgery was a better chance that most received, because if the person didn’t receive treatment they would most definitely die. The ability to eliminate pain during surgery was a huge medical breakthrough.…show more content…
For a woman to have birth control meant they were able to make their own decision to have or not have children on their own terms. Progressive women wanted equality and protection for their selves, their rights and for their children. They also demanded greater liberty, they wanted free sexual expression, and reproductive choices at will. During the Progressive Era birth control clinics were being established and many more women started to seek out a better understanding about their bodies. Progressive activists fought to overturn anti birth control laws, legalize contraceptives, and information pertaining to sexual
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